Homeowners Associations and Neighborhood Associations

The City holds Neighborhood Association meetings to engage Neighborhood Association members in a conversation with City officials and other neighborhood leaders to find ways to work together in an active partnership. Community members who are interested in attending, please contact Mary Lansing at mlansing@cityofmillvalley.org or call (415) 388-4033.

There are a number of active Homeowner and Neighborhood Associations in Mill Valley. Click here for a map of known Neighborhood Association and Homeowners Associations.

Not all Neighborhood Association and Homeowner Association representatives want their contact information made public. Below is a list of representatives that have elected to be included on our website.

If you would like your Homeowners or Neighborhood Association listed, or if you need to make changes to a current listing, please contact the Webmaster at webmaster@cityofmillvalley.org.

Blithedale Highlands Homeowners Association
Contact: Jack Pesso, President
Email: blithedalehighlands@outlook.com

Cornelia Avenue Neighborhood Association
Contact: Maggie Lang
Email: mgg_lang@yahoo.com
Phone: (415) 388-1327

Freeman Park Neighborhood Association
Boundaries/streets: Ryan and Nelson Avenue
Richard Dimaio, President
Email: richard.dimaio@gmail.com
Susan Kirsch, Vice-President
Email: susankirsch@hotmail.com

Kite Hill Neighborhood Association
Contact: Alan Abrams, President
Email: alan_abrams@hotmail.com
Phone: (415) 381-1787

Mill Valley Heights Homeowners Association
Contact: Betsy Bikle, President
Email: betsy.w.bikle@alum.wellesley.edu
Phone: (415) 388-4649

Mill Valley Meadows Homeowners Association 
Contact: Gloria Rashti, President 
Email: exlab@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (415) 381-6680

Old Mill Neighborhood Association
Contact: Evan Cross, President
Phone: (415) 383-8828

Parkwood Association of Neighbors
Contact: Natasha Boas, President
Contact: Mitch Wortzman,Vice-President
Email: parkwoodneighborhood-oak@yahoo.com

Scott Highlands Neighborhood Association
Contact: Paul Chuljian chulies@sbcglobal.net and Dan Dahlgren, Co-Presidents
Email: Rodnsan@aol.com

Scott Valley Homeowners' Association
Contact: Francine Millman, President
Contact: John Palmer, Vice President
Email: info@scottvalleyhoa.org
Phone: (415) 388-5809

Shelter Bay Homeowners Association
Contact: Trudy Morrison, District Manager
Eugene Burger Management Corporation
Email: TrudyMorrison@ebmc.com
Phone: (415) 382-1514

Shelter Ridge Homeowners Association
Website: www.shelterridge.com 
Contact: Jodi Abbott-Robinson 
Community Association Manager
Common Interest Management Services
315 Diablo Road, Suite #221, Danville, CA 94526
925.743.3080 ext. 253  925.743.3084 fax

Tamalpais Ave. Neighborhood Association
Contact: Catherine Stone, Coordinator
Email: psyche113@sbcglobal.net

Tamalpais Park Neighborhood Association
Contact: Burton Miller, President 
Email: burtonmilleraia@gmail.com

West Blithedale Canyon Neighborhood Association
Contact: George Cagwin, Co-Chair

Contact: Carrie Brandes, Co-Chair
Email: carrie.brandes@comcast.net