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To get local public safety alerts sent directly to your phone sign up for Mill Valley's Nixle account. Nixle is operated by the Mill Valley Police Department and alerts can be sent to your phone or email.

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Visit the PG&E Power Outage Map to find out about local power outages.

Alert Marin - Emergency Notifications

Register your phone and email with Alert Marin to be notified in the case of an emergency (fire, flood, earthquake, or related disaster).

Road/Lane Closures Week of 7/9/2018

July 6, 2018 

Impacted roads: Ethel, Beverly Terrace, Corte Madera,Cornelia, Creek, E. Blithedale, Edgewood, El Capitan, Evelyn, Laurelwood, Magee, Manzanita, Miller, Millside, Mirabel, Molino, Monte Vista, Pimlot, Summit,Sycamore, Tamalpais, Throckmorton, Una, W. Blithedale, and Winwood.

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Road/Lane Closures for the Week of 7/2/2018

June 28, 2018 

Impacted roads: Blithedale Terrace, Camino Alto, E. Blithedale, Edgehill, Edgewood, Elaine, Eldridge, Ethel, Lovell, Magee, Myrtle, Fern Canyon, Greenwood, Marguerite, Miller, Quarry, Ralston, Summit, Sycamore, Tamalpais, Throckmorton, Upland, W. Blithedale, and Woodbine.

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