All-Hazard Plan

What are the biggest risks facing Mill Valley in terms of potential disasters and managing their aftermath?

The All Hazards Mitigation Plan is a federally mandated planning document created by local governments. The plan allows the City to work hand in hand with citizens to highlight key concerns and then craft a plan that reflects resident priorities and achieves Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requirements.

Click here to download the 2017 All Hazards Mitigation Plan

The  Mill Valley City Council received a presentation on the All Hazards Mitigation Plan at their March 2, 2015 City Council Meeting. Councilmembers gave their support for the planning process and thanked the Fire Department for conducting public outreach to garner resident input.

“We encouraged residents to take part in an important survey, which will helped us identify the major risks we face and the best ways to go about reducing those risks through mitigation planning,” Mill Valley Fire Department Interim Chief Tom Welch said.

The City is required to update the Plan and have it approved by the City Council every 5 years. The Plan serves as a guiding document for focusing efforts and allocating City funding and resources.

“Our current plan has served our community well over the years by focusing our wildland fire issues, earthquake preparedness, and storm drainage efforts,” Welch said, noting that new potential threats like data/telecommunications security breaches and public health crises like ebola have arisen.

A task force comprised of representatives from the City’s departments was involved in the preparation of All Hazards Mitigation Plan which creates a framework for City officials to make risk-based decisions to reduce damage to lives, property and the economy from future disasters. The City is required to develop a plan if it wants to receive assistance for certain types of hazard mitigation projects such as infrastructure changes to reduce the impacts of flooding, wildfire and earthquakes.

The updated Plan incorporates elements of the City’s MV2040 General Plan, the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin Master Plan as well as existing programs like the City’s Vegetation Management program.

The City’s All-Hazard Mitigation Plan is also in alignment with the Mill Valley City Council Core Values and Key Issues and City Council Priority Projects by planning, preparing, adapting and responding to natural and human-made disasters.

Click here to download the Staff Report from the March 2 update to Council.