Fire Prep - If you have more time

The following is an online version of the "FIRE! Mill Valley" class that is offered to the community. There are 10 Sections to the class. They are:

Section 1 – Intro – Why do we need worry about fire in Mill Valley?
Section 2 – Catastrophic Fire – How does it work?
Section 3 – Vegetation – Fuel for Fire?
Section 4 – Vegetation – What plants are more fire resistant?
Section 5 – How can you create a fire resistant Defensible Space around your home?
Section 6 – How can you harden your home so it is more fire resistant?
Section 7 – What is the City doing to reduce resident risks?
Section 8 – How do you create a personal evacuation plan for your family?
Section 9 – What do you need to know if you have to evacuate?
Section 10 – What can your neighborhood do to reduce risks and prepare for fire?

To see if the "FIRE! Mill Valley" class or other emergency preparedness classes are being offered soon, please visit the Sign up for an Emergency Preparedness Class page.