Emergency Planning

When a disaster strikes you will not have much time to figure out what you need to do. You need to plan now so that you have the ability to safely respond to the disaster. Discuss with your family what you will do during and immediately after a major disaster, regardless of where you may be when the disaster occurs.

Consider these details in your Personal Disaster Plan:

  • How and where you will evacuate
  • How will you communicate with each other
  • Where will you rendezvous
  • How to protect your pets

Prepare a plan, print it out, and share it with the members of your household. Discuss and update your plan regularly.

Begin your planning now with the Disaster Plan Worksheet and the Family Emergency Plan Worksheet.

When planning for an Evacuation, use these checklists: Evacuation Action Checklist
Pre-Packed Evacuation Checklist
Grab and Go Checklist
When planning for Flooding, use this checklist: Flood Action Checklist
When planning to Shelter at Home, use this supply list: Emergency Supplies for Shelter at Home
For your Car and Workplace, use this checklist: Mini-Survival Kit
For you Nanny or Caregiver, use this checklist: Caregiver Checklist