City Council Liaison Assignments

City Council members serve as representatives of the City of Mill Valley for a number of local and regional agencies. If you would like to learn more, click on the agencies listed in blue - they are linked to the agency's homepage.

Formal Joint Powers Authority (JPA) or Standing Appointments:
Association of Bay Area Governments Moulton-Peters
Community Development Block Grant Jackson Moulton-Peters
Flood Control District Zone 3 Advisory Board   McCauley  N/A
Marin Clean Energy
Sausalito Representation N/A
Marin Telecommunications Agency McEntee  Wickham
Richardson Bay Regional Agency Wickham  Jackson
Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin McCauley  Wickham
Southern Marin Emergency Medical Paramedic System     Wickham
Transportation Authority of Marin Moulton-Peters  McEntee
Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers (MCCMC) Appointments:
Joint Services JPA Oversight Committee Jackson Moulton-Peters
Marin Transit District Moulton-Peters N/A
Legislative Committee Moulton-Peters Wickham
League of California Cities (LoCC) /North Bay McEntee
Sea Level Rise Committee Moulton-Peters


Other Appointments:
LoCC Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee McEntee N/A
Marin County Disaster Council Wickham Sloan
Southern Marin Watershed Management Group Moulton-Peters McEntee
Chamber of Commerce Liaison McCauley N/A
Mill Valley School District Liaison McEntee N/A
Ad-Hoc City Council Committee Assignments:
Blithedale/Hwy101 Improvements Moulton-Peters & McCauley N/A
Major Crimes Task Force Sloan N/A
Mill Valley Refuse Service Committee Moulton-Peters & McCauley N/A
Miller Streetscape Advisory Committee Moulton-Peters & McCauley N/A
Parking Advisory Committee Sloan & Wickham N/A

* This JPA does not require that the City’s representative be a City Councilmember. Former Mayor Andrew Berman had served on this board during his time on the City Council and has offered to remain involved for a few months as the JPA is revised to reflect the change in membership following the consolidation of the fire services between the City of Sausalito and the Southern Marin Fire District. Mr. Berman’s historical knowledge of the elements of the JPA will be helpful in the development of the successor agreement. It is recommended that an appointment of six months be made to allow the conclusion of the JPA agreement and then a transition to a current Councilmember.