City Council Liaison Assignments

City Council members serve as representatives of the City of Mill Valley for a number of local and regional agencies. If you would like to learn more, click on the agencies listed in blue - they are linked to the agency's homepage. 
Note: * indicates former Councilmember Jessica Jackson. Changes to liaison assignments forthcoming, and updated information will be posted when available. 

Formal Joint Powers Authority (JPA) or Standing Appointments:
Association of Bay Area Governments Moulton-Peters
Community Development Block Grant * Moulton-Peters
Marin Clean Energy
Sausalito Representation N/A
Marin Telecommunications Agency McEntee  Wickham
Richardson Bay Regional Agency Wickham  Jackson
Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin McCauley  Wickham
Southern Marin Emergency Medical Paramedic System     Wickham
Transportation Authority of Marin Moulton-Peters  McEntee
Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers (MCCMC) Appointments:
Joint Services JPA Oversight Committee * Moulton-Peters
Marin Transit District Moulton-Peters N/A
Legislative Committee Moulton-Peters Wickham
League of California Cities (LoCC) /North Bay McEntee
Sea Level Rise Committee Moulton-Peters


Homelessness  *  
Pension and OPEB Reform  McCauley and McEntee  
Disaster Preparedness  McEntee Moulton-Peters
Other Appointments:
Marin County Disaster Council McEntee Moulton-Peters
Chamber of Commerce Liaison McCauley N/A
Mill Valley School District Liaison McEntee *
League of California Cities - Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee  McEntee  
League of California Cities - Public Safety Committee  *  
 Safe Routes to School  Moulton-Peters McEntee
Ad-Hoc City Council Committee Appointments:
The Depot Lease Committee  McCauley and Wickham  
Community Building and Inclusion Task Force  McEntee and *  
Pension and OPEBS  Committee   Moulton-Peters and McCauley