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Is a Building Permit Required?

Work Exempt from Permits Required Permits and Work Exempt from Permits

 Frequently Asked Questions

Building Inspections Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Information

Application Requirements Building Permit Application
Plan Review Checklist
Submittal Requirements- Residential & Commercial
Submittal Requirements-Accessory Dwelling Units
Fees  Building Permit Fees
Work Conducted by an Owner Owner-Builder Verification Form  
Owner-Builder Declaration
Demolition   Residential Demo Permit

Handouts and Guidance

Energy & Green Building

Single Family Dwelling Energy Efficiency Form

Summary of Requirements

Residential Major Additions, Tear Downs and New 
Residential Minor Addition 
Nonresidential Minor Additions and Alterations 
Nonresidential Major Additions, Tear Downs and New

Waste Management Waste Management: Verification for Construction and Demolition
  1. 10kW or less;
  2. Eligibility Checklist for Expedited Permitting;
  3. Standard PV Plan: Simplified Central/String Inverter System;
  4. Standard PV Plan: Simplified Micro-inverter and ACM Systems;
  5. Structural Criteria for Expedited Permitting: Residential Rooftop Solar Energy Installations
  6. Standardized Permit Submittal Residential Photovoltaic Systems
    Fire 1 Hour Fire Resistive Wall Assemblies
    Kitchen & Bathroom Residential Kitchen & BathsShower Enclosures
    Furnace and Water Heaters Furnace Replacement 
    Requirements for Residential Water Heater Replacement 
    Roofs Reroofing Requirements    
    Windows Emergency Egress Windows & Fall Protection 
    Electric Vehicle   Plug-In Electric Vehicle     
     ADA Disabled Access - Disproportionate Cost Exemption Form
    Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms

    Construction Management Plans  

    Many construction projects will require a Construction Management Plan (CMP) that takes into account all relevant construction or demolition work, including parking, truck routes, schedules, road closures, material storage and more. The CMP must be approved by the Building Official prior to the issuance of a building permit.

    Please download the City of Mill Valley Construction Management Plan Guidelines for more information.