Zoning (Ordinance) Updates

Zoning and subdivision regulations are contained in Title 20 "Zoning" of the City's Mill Valley Municipal Code.  The "Zoning Code" primarily governs the development and use of property in Mill Valley, and also establish the procedures by which the City reviews and makes decisions on applications for residential and commercial design review, conditional use permits and variances. Various pieces of the Zoning Code are updated through ordinance updates, which are reviewed by Planning Commission and adopted through City Council.  These updates are primarily based on the City's General Plan policies and programs, and assist in clarifying zoning and land use regulations and procedures.

2017 Updates

  • Affordable Housing: Continuation of comprehensive update to inclusionary housing regulations from 2016.
  • Cannabis: Final Ordinance
  • Second Units/Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): establishes regulations based on new state laws regarding ADUs.
    •  January 3, 2017: Staff Report, City Council (second reading)
  • Green Building: establishes new green building regulations (Tier 1 CalGreen) for new construction and major remodels.

2016 Updates

2015 Updates