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Fire Prevention Programs

Our goal is to prevent the loss of life and reduce damage by fire through increased public awareness and continued strict enforcement of all fire codes, standards and ordinances.

To meet this goal, the following objectives have been established:

  • Protection of life and property by eliminating obvious potential fire hazards in the community
  • Improve awareness toward fire prevention by those in charge of the property
  • Compile and maintain an accurate history of the fire potential of each business as well as the total potential for the entire community
  • Familiarize fire department personnel with structural and operational aspects of various occupancies to which they may respond.

There are numerous programs as part of our fire prevention program:

  • Review of building plans from Planning and Building Department for compliance with Fire Department conditions
  • Inspections of new construction projects for compliance with Fire Department conditions
  • Bi-annual inspection of businesses for compliance with fire prevention codes
  • Monthly inspection of selected commercial occupancies during peak-use times for compliance with fire prevention codes
  • Public education programs for targeted groups such as schools or business communities
  • Investigation of fires
  • Inspections of residential and commercial properties as part of our annual Vegetation Management Inspection Program.

Authority for these programs is established through:


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Special notice about BBQ's:

Section 308 of the 2010 California Fire Code, as adopted by Mill Valley City Ordinance 1245, regulates the use of charcoal and gas-fueled barbeques. Click here for the specific code section.

Wildland Urban Interface Code:

As of January 1, 2008, Chapter 15.06 of Title 15 of the City of Mill Valley Municipal Code requires that new construction, or projects deemed substantial remodels be subject to the provisions of the 2006 Edition of the International Urban Wildland Interface Code, as amended and adopted by City Ordinance 1228.

The ordinance establishes a Wildland Urban Interface, or WUI Zone and established requirements for access, water supply and vegetation management in the WUI Zone. Building within the WUI Zone may also be subject to additional building requirements found in Chapter 7A of the 2010 Edition of the California Building Code. For more information on Chapter 7A Building Requirements, contact the Building Departments.

WUI related documents:

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