Bayfront Park Boat Dock

Bayfront Park Boat Dock Replacement Update
February 9, 2017

As part of the federal grant requirements and the environmental permit process, staff (and consultants) is preparing biological reports and studies due to the proximity of wetlands and endangered species habitat. The permit agencies (Regional Water Quality Water Board, US Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, SF Bay Conservation and Development Commission, National Marine Fisheries Service, United States Fish & Wildlife Service) allow construction work only in September and October when endangered species in the marsh are not nesting. The studies are currently being completed and will be submitted for approval next month. Ideally, we would like to bid the project in spring 2017. Construction is scheduled for September/October, 2017.

Bayfront Park Boat Dock Project

The current goals of the Bayfront Park Boat Dock project are to restore and improve access for all users, enhance and protect salt-marsh habitat and provide a cost-effective and durable structure for the public to enjoy for 30 years or more.

Environmental review and permitting are an important element of this project. Staff has carefully studied the sensitivity of the salt marsh and Pickleweed Inlet to develop a recommended design that will protect this resource and meet the approval of the agencies that regulate this waterway.

Many community members have expressed to the City the desire to replace the Bayfront Park Boat Dock which was destroyed in the 2005-06 storms.

Guided by its Core Values to preserve health and safety and the community's high quality of life, the Mill Valley City Council established the maintenance and enhancement of City infrastructure as one of its Key Issues. The Mill Valley City Council approved the 2013-14 budget revision, which provides funding for the design and construction of a boat dock at Bayfront Park.

Elements such as construction cost, accessibility for the disabled, aesthetics, impacts to the environment and ability to obtain necessary and timely permits, durability and longevity were all taken into account by our engineer in the evaluations. 

An alternatives study was introduced to the Parks and Recreation Commission in February 2014 for input and direction on the concepts. The Staff Report and the presentation materials from the February 5, 2014 meeting are available for download and are available in hard-copy at the Public Works office at City Hall and the Mill Valley Public Library.  You may also view the webcasted presentation and Commission discussion from the February meeting by clicking here and then clicking the Bayfront Park Boat Dock item on the meeting agenda.

At the February 2014 meeting, City staff recommended the design alternative with an 80 foot gangway (Option #1) as the preferred boat dock design. View the Bayfront Park Boat Dock recommended design.

The Staff Report for the March 12, 2014 meeting is available by clicking here.

Materials tentatively scheduled to be reviewed at the March 20, 2017 City Council Meeting may be reviewed here:

Questions? Please contact Michael Hanlon, Associate Engineer at or 415-384-4830.