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Downtown Paving, Sidewalk & Utility Improvements Project


  1. Repave the roadways.
  2. Repair the sanitary sewer system.
  3. Make drainage improvements.
  4. Improve accessibility.
  5. Explore potential modifications of roadway and intersections.

Public Engagement:  Development of the project will include a significant public outreach and engagement process to help determine the scope of the project. Community members will have opportunities to participate in a public engagement process, through stakeholder meetings, public workshops and City Council Meetings. Throughout the engagement process, design engineers will develop conceptual plans that consider stakeholder feedback.

Participate and stay informed:

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Project Limits: Proposed streets include parts of: West Blithedale Avenue, East Blithedale Avenue, Corte Madera Avenue, Throckmorton Avenue, Sunnyside Avenue, Bernard Street, and Miller Avenue.

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Approximate Project Timeline (subject to change): 
Investigation and Survey: December 2018 - April 2019
Conceptual Plans: TBD
Design Advisory Committee and Public Outreach Meetings: TBD
Submittal Plans (Sewer): TBD
Bid Period (Sewer): TBD
Trenchless Construction (Sewer): TBD
Submittal Plans (Roadway & Storm Drain): TBD
Bid Period (Roadway & Storm Drain): TBD
Construction (Roadway & Storm Drain): TBD

Engineering Design: Harris & Associates
Traffic Engineering: Parisi Transportation Consulting
Public Engagement: Plan to Place
Landscape Architect: RHAA
Construction: TBD


Construction Related Public Engagement and Communications
Michael Hanlon, Project Manager Linn Walsh, Assistant to the City Manager
Email: Email:
Phone: (415) 384-4830 Phone: (415) 388-4863


Latest News | Project Documents and Resources