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Downtown Paving, Sidewalk & Utility Improvements Project

Project Goals:

  1. Repave the roadways.
  2. Repair the sanitary sewer system.
  3. Make drainage improvements.

Public Engagement:  Development of the project will include a significant public outreach and engagement process to help determine the scope of the project. Community members will have opportunities to participate in a public engagement process, through stakeholder meetings, public workshops and City Council Meetings. Throughout the engagement process, design engineers will develop conceptual plans that consider stakeholder feedback.

Downtown Project Design Advisory Committee: Through solicitation of input and engagement with the community, the Design Advisory Committee will assist the City in reviewing design concepts and help to define a scope of work for the Downtown Project.

The Design Advisory Committee is a key conduit to the larger community and the multiple stakeholder perspectives they represent. The group will:

  • Provide input on project scope and design concepts, explore alternatives, evaluate concept plans and select preferred plans with the attainable funding.
  • Provide input on practical construction phasing, cognizant of funding, circulation, disruption, and effect on businesses.
  • Facilitate an open and transparent process of education, inquiry, exploration of alternatives, and consensus building around design alternatives. To this end, members will:

    1) Provide input on the engagement strategy.
    2) Represent community interests, aspirations, and concerns.
    3) Serve as ambassadors to the greater community by distributing project information to the community, encouraging their participation in workshops, and playing an active role in workshops and outreach events.
 Vice Mayor Sashi McEntee Clayton Kunz
Bob Reynolds Betsy Bikle
Mike Son Helen Russel
 Fabio Aversa  Larry Davis

Meeting schedules and related documents will be posted on the  Project Documents and Resources page.

Sanitary Sewer System Repairs: The initial phase of the project will focus on repairing the sanitary sewer system - a much needed investment in aging infrastructure and the protection of groundwater and environmental sustainability. 

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Construction will be phased, so that the impacts are concentrated in one area at a time. Construction will generally take place Monday-Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. There may be some night work, depending on the construction phasing and community needs. There will not be work on weekends.

Engineering Design: Harris & Associates
Traffic Engineering: Parisi Transportation Consulting
Public Engagement: Plan to Place
Landscape Architect: RHAA
Construction: TBD

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Ahmed A. Aly,Project Manager
Phone: (415) 384-4755

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