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Survey/Form Review
Zoning and Design Guideline Advisory Committee Application
Application Process:
Thank you for your interest in working with City staff and the community to update the City of Mill Valley's Zoning Ordinance, Development Standards and Design Guidelines in association with the implementation of the MV2040 General Plan and 2009-2014 Housing Element.

Applications are open to those persons who live within Mill Valley City limits. If you are not sure if you live in City limits, check here to find out.

Please submit your application by 5:00 pm on Thursday, January 23, 2014 to the Mill Valley City Hall.Applications will be screened by Mayor Stephanie Moulton-Peters, and City Manager Jim McCann, and announced in late-January.

For more information on the Advisory Committee, contact Kari Svanstrom at (415) 388-4033 or via e-mail

Zoning & Design Guideline Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee is a seven-member committee composed of one City Council member, one Planning Commissioner; one commercial property owner recommended by the Chamber of Commerce and four community members (neighborhood association representative, architect, residential property developer and at-large).

Schedule: Advisory Committee meetings will be held on weekday evenings (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) between 6:30 and 9:00 pm. The monthly meetings will begin in Februrary and are anticipated to go through summer 2014.

Role: The Advisory Committee will work with staff and consultants to review and discuss updates to the City of Mill Valley's Municipal Code, specifically Title 20 "Zoning" and design guidelines for commercial and multi-family zoned areas. Tasks include:

 Ordinance Revisions
Update the City's Municipal Code to meet state law requirements such as Density Bonus, Condominimum Conversions and the development of an "affordable housing overlay" for the Redwoods property (senior housing located at 40 Camino Alto)

 Zoning/Development Standards/Design Guidelines
Update the City's residential and commercial zoning regulations, such as parking, uses (such as co-housing, live-work, mixed use, special needs and assisted living), development standards (height, setback, lot coverage, etc.) and develop multi-family design guidelines (including illustrations, layouts, parking lot standards, etc.)

1. Contact information:
Daytime Telephone:
Mobile Telephone:
2. Do you: (select all that apply)
3. Your age: (select one)
4. Which of the following most closely describes the local community interest that you would represent if appointed to the Committee? (Note: If you are interested in applying for the commercial property committee postion, please contact the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce).
5. What issue or area of interest led you to apply for appointment?

6. What other experience, education, background, talent or skill do you offer that should be considered in the evaluation of your application?

7. Are you familiar with the City's Zoning Code and/or its existing Residential Design Guidelines? If so, please briefly explain how you gained this familiarity?

8. Based on the monthly meeting information described above, which of the following mereting options would work BEST for your personal schedule (check all that apply).
Thank you for taking the time to submit an application.
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