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August 9, 2018

Welcome to this week's edition of MVConnect - a biweekly digest with timely updates and summaries of recent news and events. This week we have updates on the following: 

News & Upcoming Events:

  • Fire Prevention and Preparedness Update
  • Private Bus and Shuttle Operations
  • Planning Commission and City Council to Consider Telecommunications Ordinance
  • Mill Valley's 2018 Street Slurry Project is Underway!
  • Steps, Lanes and Paths Update
  • Mill Valley Bicycle Friendly Task Force Survey
  • News from Recreation 
  • Yellow School Bus Passes are on Sale
  • Bayfront Playfield Renovation Completed
  • Mill Valley Fire Department Bolsters Capabilities in Wildland Fire Response
  • WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update 
  • Solicitor and Canvasser Permits
  • Public Engagement: Your Input is Welcome and Encouraged
  • Upcoming Events!
  • "Reviews an Previews" - a Look at Important Topics Being Discussed at Mill Valley Public Meetings

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