After Hours: The Naughty Nineties - The Triumph of the American Libido

Friday, January 5th
Main Reading Room - 7:00pm

David Friend, a Vanity Fair editor, discusses his new book, The Naughty Nineties, examining how the Web, 24/7 news, reality TV, Fox News, hyperpartisan politics, Viagra - and an overall coarsening of the culture - have led to our current state of perpetual scandal and spectacle. Friend traces the sexual undercurrents of the Clinton years, how the Boomers took power in D.C., Hollywood, and Madison Avenue, and how Anita Hill set the stage for those battling sexual harassment today. Other figures discussed include Monica Lewinsky, Madonna, and Lorena Bobbitt.

Former LIFE magazine Director of Photography, Friend is a culture critic and correspondent (who has covered conflicts in Lebanon and Afghanistan). As a producer, he has won Emmy and Peabody Awards for the CBS documentary "9/11." He has co-edited 11 books, started, and is responsible for numerous exclusives, including identifying the FBI's Mark Felt as "Deep Throat," the Washington Post's secret source for Watergate. He is the author of The Meaning of Life, More Reflections on the Meaning of Life, and Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11.

Adults and high school students only. Wine reception at 6:30pm for pre-registered guests.

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