Crosswalk Safety Tips

Crosswalk Safety Tips from the Mill Valley Police Department



  1. Only cross at marked crosswalks
  2. Never assume that a vehicle will give you the right of way
  3. Obey pedestrian signals and always look both ways before crossing
  4. Make eye contact with any drivers approaching to ensure they see you before crossing
  5. If walking in the dark carry a flashlight or wear bright or reflective colors on your clothing
  6. Don’t wear headphones or look at your cell phone when crossing the street


  1. Remember bicyclists are not considered pedestrians
  2. Yield to all pedestrians at a crosswalk
  3. Do not pass vehicles that are stopped at a crosswalk
  4. Obey all traffic signals and laws
  5. Be visible to others by using a headlight and taillight at night


  1. Stay alert when approaching a crosswalk
  2. Yield to all pedestrians at a crosswalk
  3. Always come to a complete stop if a pedestrian is or preparing to cross
  4. Make sure that all pedestrians have made it fully across the street before proceeding
  5. Never pass another vehicle that is stopped at a crosswalk or slowing down
  6. Always use your lights and turn signals when appropriate


In the case of an emergency always call 9-1-1

To report a dangerous driving situation call the non-emergency line at (415)389-4100 or fill out a dangerous driving report online at