Super Bowl Safety Tips

Super Bowl Safety Tips

Millions of Americans huddle around the television each year on Super Bowl Sunday! Whether you are tuned in for the commercials, tasty food, gameplay, or just wanting to spend time with friends or family please keep in mind your safety and the safety of others. When the Lombardi Trophy is hoisted this Sunday keep these safety tips in mind so it’s a memorable experience for all.

  • Utilize a designated driver, or sober up until you can drive back home safely.

  • If a friend or family member has been drinking intercept their keys so they don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • When inside a vehicle make sure all your teammates are buckled up.

  • Manage the clock and allow for plenty of travel time while driving to viewing parties so you don’t speed.

  • Inside NFL stadiums alcohol isn’t served after the 3rd quarter. Consider adopting that strategy wherever you are viewing the game on Sunday.

  • The day after the Super Bowl is a work day for many. Be alert and ready when you take the wheel for all the Monday morning quarterbacking co-workers will certainly engage in!