Keep Mill Valley Free of Graffiti

Graffiti throughout Mill Valley has been on the rise in the last 6 months. There has been graffiti reported on buildings, parks, mailboxes, and even on the Gravity Car in Depot Plaza. Removing graffiti is time consuming, and a drain on resources for the Department of Public Works ability to keep Mill Valley infrastructure running strong. Graffiti is an eyesore for the community, and its presence attracts other forms of urban blight as it portrays the message that the area is neglected.

Public Works will remove all reported graffiti on city property only. The owners of private property will be responsible for removal of any graffiti located on their property. To combat graffiti and other forms of vandalism, please report online by clicking here, or by calling the Mill Valley Police Department at 415-389-4100. For more serious offenses, or a vandalism in progress, please call 911.