Bike Stolen and Recovered – Thanks MVPD!

Mill Valley resident Tommy Toy was shocked and saddened when his beloved, green Eddie Baur bike went missing from his front porch a few weeks ago. He posted a note in his neighborhood and hoped for the best.

The following week, Mill Valley Police Officers encountered the person who had taken the bike, arrested him on an unrelated charge, and stored the bike for safekeeping at the Mill Valley Police station. Community Services Officer Christopher DeLaTorre noted the bike and made the connection to Mr. Toy.

“I can't express how happy and appreciative I am of our wonderful Police Department for being the professionals they are and tracing my junky but sentimentally valuable bike back to me,” Mr. Toy said.

Mr. Toy shared that he learned the importance of registering his bike and also calling the Police Department to report the theft.

“The police recover a lot of unregistered bikes just waiting to be found by a simple phone call,” he said. “You don't even have to file an official report, just a quick call could be all it takes.”

“Bike theft is an increasing problem in our community,” Community Services Officer Christopher DeLaTorre said. “We encourage you to securely lock your bike when not in use, and to register with our Bicycle Registry Program. We want to help you recover lost or stolen bikes and registering your bicycle with us is a great first step!”

Thanks to MVPD for your great work!

Register your bike. If your bike is turned in, registered or unregistered, it will be held for 90 days before being donated to a local non-profit organization. Call (415) 389-4100 to inquire.