Heat Risks and Critical Fire Weather Conditions Friday through Sunday

The National Weather Service is predicting hot weather in our area Friday through Sunday. Highs will max out in the 90s to lower 100s across much of the interior leading to an increased risk for heat related illnesses. Temperatures will be much cooler near the coast, but still above normal. Temperatures will gradually cool down on Sunday, but more so on Monday.

Here are some tips on staying safe during the hot weather:

The hot weather also creates Critical Fire Weather Conditions Friday through Sunday.  

Here are some tips on staying safe and preventing wildfires:

Equipment Use Safety

  • Never mow or trim dry grass on a Red Flag Warning Day. (Mow before 10 a.m. on a day when its not hot and windy).
  • Never use lawn mowers in dry vegetation.
  • Spark arresters are required in wildland areas on all portable gasoline powered equipment.

 Defensible Space

  • Residents should make sure they have 100 feet of defensible space around structures.
  • Clear dead weeds and vegetation.
  • Remove leaves and needles from gutters.
  • Trim branches 6 feet from the ground.


  • Never pull over in dry grass.
  • Ensure trailer chains don't drag on the ground.
  • Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained.
  • Have proper tire pressure to avoid driving on wheel rim.
  • Never let your brake pads wear too thin.


  • Make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished.
  • Never burn landscape debris like leaves or branches on NO Burn Days or when it's windy or areas where not allowed.
  • Report any suspicious activities to prevent arson.

The Mill Valley Fire Department urges community members to be extremely cautious, especially during periods of high fire danger. It's important all residents and vistors take steps to prevent wildfires. One less spark could mean one less wildfire.