Tam High Football Team Has a Big Win!

On Friday June 22, the Tam High Football team under Coach Matt LemMon volunteered with the City of Mill Valley to remove two dump trucks worth of fallen debris behind the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts in Cascade Canyon. In addition to making this historic space safer for patrons and neighbors alike, members of the Tam team worked to open up an undeveloped pathway connecting Lovell Ave to Throckmorton called Steps, Lanes and Paths 159.

With fire season in full swing, it is very important to provide a fire barrier around structures. The O’Hanlon Center, located one-mile from downtown Mill Valley on Throckmorton Ave, is on several heavily-wooded acres. It was founded by Richard and Ann O’Hanlon in 1969 and fosters the creative spirit between art and nature.

The football team, under the direction of Mill Valley’s Volunteer Coordinator, Ronnie Moore and the Department of Public Works, cleared out fallen trees, eucalyptus bark and dried leaves, all of which are kindling should a fire get started. The work went on for over 3 hours in the hot sun.

“This is the second year that Coach Matt has volunteered his team to help the City with an important improvement project,” said Ronnie Moore. “He believes in giving back to the Community, which is one of the most important lessons we can teach teenagers.”

Thank you to Tam High Football team for your charitable work to improve our community and decrease the threat of a catastrophic fire.

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