Solicitor and Canvasser Permits

There has been a group circulating around Mill Valley that is placing flyers at residences offering to paint curb numbers for your home and requesting a donation.

This business currently does not have the proper business license to conduct business within the City limits of Mill Valley. The City of Mill Valley is always concerned with who is conducting business within our area. We do this for your safety and to ensure individuals and companies contacting our residents are legitimate. Businesses are required to obtain a solicitation/canvass permit to conduct business within City limits.

Please note, a county permit does not permit individuals to conduct business within City limits locally as each city or town has different permit requirements. When approved, each solicitor should carry an approval letter and if asked they are required to show this letter.

Always remember “if you see something, say something” by calling us at 415-389-4100 so our staff can check any suspicious activity. If you are contacted by any solicitation group and they cannot provide a current permit letter, please refer them to the Police Department to obtain the proper application. For more information please click here: “
Solicitation/Canvass Permit Process.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our neighborhoods safe.