New Phone Scam: Virtual Kidnapping

A new phone scam is sweeping the area. In this instance, subjects are calling people/parents and advising them that their child has been kidnapped. Obviously, this type of incident will put parents into a panic and rightfully so. If you receive this type of call, please take note of the number and listen to what they are saying.  Never give out any information regarding your child or family. This is very important. These callers may have some information about you that may have been gotten from you or your family’s online presence.  Sometimes they have nothing. Do not give them anymore. Sometimes these callers will put children on the phone, if they do, ask them questions only your child would know the answers to (favorite stuffed animal, name of pet, etc.).  Do not be overly concerned if they know/say the name of your child as they could have obtained this information from online or other sources. Do not say/provide your child’s name.  If you have someone with you, have them call the police/school or wherever you know your child to be.  If not, disconnect from the caller as soon as possible to verify this information. Do not agree to meet with the caller or provide them with access to your bank accounts.  Most, if not all, of these calls originate out of country. 


Copy the link below to read a recent article from the FBI. Please note that the phone number linked to the article is for the Albuquerque, New Mexico Office. Local contact information can be located at


If you receive one of these calls, please contact the Mill Valley Police Department or your local agency for assistance.