Beware of Parking Lot Scams

There have been multiple reports of an unlicensed solicitor driving a newer, white, Toyota Tundra, offering to repair dents and scratches in various parking lots within Mill Valley. In this scam the dented area is worked on, then covered with wax. The applied wax is used as a tactic to distract the customer. People who have paid for this service have reported that the “repair” has just made the initial damage worse. It has also been reported that when the offer for service was declined or questions were asked about the legitimacy of their practice, the solicitor has become verbally upset. If approached by this solicitor please do not engage, simply decline, and immediately contact the Mill Valley Police Department to report the incident. 

Also, please be aware of scams pertaining to selling boxed electronics occurring in parking lots. In these cases, the scammer approaches people in the parking lot with the proposal of buying a boxed electronic for a heavily discounted price. The item is often described as an extra holiday gift, a double of a present they’ve already received, or indicated as a purchase they no longer have the receipt for. The seller is often in a hurry or other predicament hoping to catch someone trying to be helpful. Thinking it’s a good deal the buyer agrees to the deal, and then often drives to their local bank’s ATM to take out the agreed upon sale price in cash. Typically after the sale is completed the buyer realizes the box is filled with trash or the item is defective.

As the old saying goes, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” If you see any suspicious activity please call the Mill Valley Police Department at 415-389-4100. Remember, it’s illegal to operate without a business license or a solicitors’ permit within the City of Mill Valley.