Fire Prevention & Preparedness: Vegetation Ordinance Adoption Before the City Council on September 5th.

Update: The City Council introduced the Vegetation Management Ordinance at the August 5th meeting and will hold a Second Reading adopting the ordinance at their September 5th meeting.

The proposed ordinance would require:

1) The removal of the following ten plant types from all portions of properties within the WUI: Acacia, Bamboo, Arborvitae (Thuja), Italian Cypress, Junipers, French Broom, Portuguese Broom, Scotch Broom, Spanish Broom, and Gorse.

2) The removal of all plantings and mulches (with limited exceptions granted by the Fire Chief) from within the first 3' of primary buildings (including attached decks) within the WUI to create a 3 foot wide clear area at the base of the building.

3) Redwood trees are specifically exempted from the regulations.


CLICK HERE to view additional information from the August 5th staff report.




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August 5, 2019 
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