Share the Bike Path

As the weather begins to warm up the Multi-Use Path that runs between Mill Valley and Sausalito has begun to see an increase in users! We want to take a moment to remind those that use the Multi-Use Path to “Share the Path!”

If you are a walker or runner, please stay to the right and keep your music turned down so you can hear others calling out to pass you.

If you are walking your dog, remember that a leash is required on the Multi-Use Path.

If you are a cyclist remember the speed limit is 15 MPH, except where marked in Mill Valley where you must slow to 10 MPH (between the dog park and the Mill Valley Community Center). We encourage all cyclists who are riding in a group or riding for time to exit the path at Almonte or E. Blithedale. Depending on your direction, it would be best to utilize the streets of Miller Avenue and Camino Alto. This way you can use the Miller Avenue bicycle lane and keep up your speed to get the most out of your ride.

We want all to remember to:

-Use Safe Speeds!

-Keep Right, Pass Left

-Don't Block the Path

-Call Out When Passing

-Look and Listen

-Use Lights at Night