PG&E Power Shutoff Resources and Information

October 30 - 5:30 pm


We are receiving reports that power is coming back on around Mill Valley. PG&E maps are inconsistant and give poor information. We will update when we get more info.

Please call 211 for updates on the power outage. Do not call 911 for information. Please only use 911 for life-threatening emergencies.

If you see PG&E personnel in your neighborhood inspecting lines, please do not interfere with their work. The faster they caninspect and repair lines, the earlier power can be restored.

What City services and facilities are open? 

Community Resource Center
The Community Center (180 Camino Alto) will serve as our main Community Resource Center/Warming Center. We will provide an indoor space to charge devices, warm up, and conduct work. Free showers are available. Wifi is spotty. Phones will most likely not be available. Hours: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm 

Charging Center
City Hall (26 Corte Madera Ave) is available for charging devices and conduct work. Wifi is spotty. Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. NO DOGS/PETS PLEASE. 

Library - Open for regular programming.

Other Facilities:
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant - Operational
  • Public Safety Building - Operational
What businesses are open? (Please note this list is subject to change as more power comes on around town)

Updated status of charging stations, grocery stores and pharmacies is available here,in addition to outage safety tips and advice for contacting 9-1-1 with limited cell service.

The Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce has an open thread on this topic on Facebook:  
  • Safeway/ Safeway Pharmacy - 800 Redwood Highway Frontage Rd #110, Mill Valley
  • Mill Valley Market, 12 Corte Madera Ave
  • Whole Foods, 731 E. Blithedale Ave
In Sausalito: 
  • Mollie Stone's, 100 Harbor Dr
  • Target, 180 Donahue St
Sausalito, Larkspur, Corte Madera, San Rafael and Greenbrae have power, and San Francisco still has power, so resources (gas, food,supplies, charging opportunities, etc) in these areas are either open or coming back online today.

MCE is offering Electric Vehicle charging stations at 1125 Tamalpais Avenue. Users will still need to swipe a card to initiate the process, but will be charged $0. They ask that charging vehicles stay for 1 hour max if there is a line. 


JOIN US TONIGHT! Movie Night at the Center!
Come Join the City of Mill Valley this evening for a family friendly, double feature movie night where we can connect as a community and enjoy a little of that Halloween spirit.
Movie Times & Titles:
4:00pm: Nightmare Before Christmas, PG
6:00pm: Hocus Pocus, PG
Location: Mill Valley Community Center, Cascade Room. Community members should bring treats, snacks, cushions, pillows and blankets for the show. We will provide mats. We look forward to seeing you for a fun and spooky evening!

 Safety Tips

  • Perishable food must remain at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below to remain safe to eat.  Unless food was kept on ice for the duration of the outage, most perishable food such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers will need to be disposed. Residents who receive CalFresh assistance and lost food due to either the October 8 and/or October 26 Public Safety Power Shutoff events may apply for replacement benefits (up to 70%).  To apply for replacement benefits, contact Marin Health and Human Services at (877) 410-8817 or online at
  • Temperatures have dipped into the low 40's - Please check on any friends and neighbors without power to ensure they are staying warm the best they can. On top of dressing in layers and using extra blankets, keep doors and windows closed, and use towels to block drafts around them. 
  • Never use gas generators, camping stoves or barbecues indoors; keep them in well ventilated outdoor areas and don't use them for heating your home.
  • If you see or hear a helicopter over Mill Valley today it is most likely PG&E checking equipment. Please do not call 911.
  • PG&E has indicated that it is possible that there may be unplanned outages due to weather impacts and normal service impacts.
  • Please continue to check-in with your neighbors and know how to find your local public safety facility in case of emergency.
  • The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for Marin County for 8am Tuesday through 4pm Wednesday. Weather conditions call for strong winds and critically low humidity.  Residents are strongly encouraged to exercise caution.
  • Air quality is "Good" today - but stay aware of changing conditions and stay inside if you/family members are sensitive to pollution.
How to Find Additional Information:
  • Questions regarding PSPS events and extended outages should be directed to PG&E via their website and (866) 743-6589. Please only call 9-1-1 if you are experiencing a medical or life-threatening emergency. 
  • For non-emergency information and referrals, contact 211 Bay Area by calling 2-1-1 or text MARINSHUTOFF to 898-211 (or MARINAPAGON to 898-211 for Spanish speaking residents). In addition, vulnerable adults can check Marin County Health & Human Services' online community resource guide for additional information.
  • Calif. Health & Human Services set up a non-emergency hotline to help medically vulnerable at 1 (833) 284-3473.
  • Cell/Internet/Wifi: Most cell towers may lose power, including back-up power, during the power shutoff. When this happens, mobile phone users may not have service. 
  • Local Radio Stations - During the shutoff, use a battery-powered radio (or the radio in your car) to stay informed. Here are some local stations: AM 740, AM 810, FM 106.9, FM 88.5, FM 90.5, FM 89.9
  • Communications from the City - During the PSPS, non-emergency phone lines, internet and email may not be available. We will continue to communicate with the community via the City websiteNixle and social media. We are on NextdoorTwitter, and Facebook. Updates will also be distributed at operational City facilities, such as the Community Center. 


 Helpful links:

Safetytips during the outage

Community Partner Links:



What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

If extreme fire danger conditions threaten a portion of the electric system serving the Mill Valley community, it may be necessary for PG&E to turn off electricity in the interest of public safety. This is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff or PSPS.

Will my area be impacted?

Because the electric system is so connected, Mill Valley could experience a Power Shutoff even if there is not a high fire risk in our immediate area. View the interactive CPUC Fire map.

If we have an extended power outage, community members should expect: 

  • Disruptions to communications, school schedules, traffic, and public services.
  • The closure of retail businesses, grocery stores, gas stations, ATMs, banks, and other services.
  • Food spoilage and water limitations.
  • Non-operation of medical devices.

How will we be notified?

PG&E says its goal is to provide customers with 48-hour notice of a planned shutoff and follow up that notice with updates.

Click here to make sure PG&E has your current contact information.

Click here to sign up for alerts from the City of Mill Valley.

How long will the shutoffs last?

“Bad weather could be a 12 to 48-hour window, and it may take PG&E 2-3 days to get the power back on in some cases,” Fire Chief Tom Welch says. “It is important that you, your family, and your business has a good plan." The planned duration of the possible shutoff is unknown and will be determined by PG&E. 

Where do I learn more?

PSPS Fact Sheet

Tips for residents 

Marin Business Emergency Readiness Program

On June 26, 2019, Mill Valley City Council members and Staff received a presentation on PSPS from PG&E representatives. Download the presentation here.

On June 17, 2019, Mill Valley Fire Department held a workshop for Mill Valley Business owners to prepare for the PSPS. Download the presentation here.


What can you do? Prepare TODAY:

The City of Mill Valley is working hard to make sure our systems and staff are prepared for a Power Shutoff. We ask that you do the same for yourself, your family, your business, and your neighborhood.

We want you to think about what no power for 3-5 days means for your family and business and, most importantly, what can you do now to mitigate those issues you anticipate happening.

Here is your preparedness checklist:

  • Sign up for Alerts
  • Update your contact information with PG&E. Go to or call 1-866-743-6589.
  • Plan for any medical needs - Talk with your doctor and plan for medications that need refrigeration or medical devices that require power. 
  • Keep a hard copy of emergency phone numbers on hand - Know who to call in an emergency. This should include at least one out-of-town contact that may be better able to reach family members in an emergency.
  • Build or restock your emergency supply kit - Stock supplies to last a week - include flashlights, fresh batteries, first aid supplies, food, water and cash. Pack a "Grab and Go" Kit for yourself, everyone in your family, and your pets!
  • Plan for alternate ways to charge devices - Consider purchasing a solar-powered or hand crank charger. These chargers are good emergency tools to keep your laptop and other small electronics working in the event of a power outage. If you own a car, purchase a car phone charger because you can charge your phone if you lose power at your home.
  • Plan for the needs of pets and livestock.
  • Designate an emergency meeting location and identify your evacuation routes.  Roads may be blocked - know 2 ways out, and plan for 2 modes of travel (car, bike, walk). Tell someone out of the area which routes you plan to use.
  • Keep your car tank full - Gas stations rely on electricity to power their pumps.
  • Practice manually opening your garage door. Know where the manual release lever of your electric garage door opener is located and how to operate it. Garage doors can be heavy, so know that you may need help to lift it.
  • Consider staying with a friend or relative during an outage.
  • Ensure any backup generators are ready to safely operate - Generator safety tips can be found at
Learn more:
  • Please visit the "PG&E Weather Awareness" webpage which provides a daily forecast for the next seven days within nine geographic zones. Mill Valley and Marin County are in geographic zone 3. On this page, PG&E shares their prediction for the potential for the shutoffs and ranks them four categories. 
  • Please also visit the "Potential PSPS Outage Maps" to look up areas that may be impacted by a PSPS.
  • The City Council reviewed the City's plans and preparations for the Public Safety Power Shutoff at their City Council meeting on Monday, September 16. Read the Staff Report and City of Mill Valley Draft Plan and Playbook. 
  • The City Council also adopted an Urgency Ordinaince amending the City's Municipal Code to regulate the use of generators during prolonged power outages. Learn more.
  • Look up your address here