Recent Increase in Auto Burglaries

Since May 1, there have been over 215 reported auto burglaries in Marin County, with at least 14 occurring in Mill Valley. Historically, the majority of our auto burglaries have occurred along the 101 corridor, but there has been a substantial increase in the downtown area. The suspects are casing the parking lots and smashing windows of vehicles with visible belongings. The recent auto burglaries have been in the late afternoon and early evening.

While we continue to work with other agencies within the county to identify trends and suspects information, the Mill Valley Police Department has increased proactive patrols throughout the city, specifically the downtown area. We are utilizing a variety of methods and tactics to identify suspects and discourage criminal activity, including a visible bicycle patrol presence, as well as undercover officers in unmarked vehicles. We are hopeful these efforts will be a deterrence to further criminal activity and will assist us in identifying and arresting those responsible for these crimes. 

The Mill Valley Police Department is asking for your help. Please call us (415-389-4100) immediately to report suspicious activity or break-ins. This is essential because auto burglaries occur in a matter of seconds and suspects can get out of town in just a few minutes. Do not leave valuables or anything containing valuables (backpacks, duffle bags, draw string bags, etc.) in your car. If you must leave items in your car, then place them out of sight and secured in the trunk. Keep your car locked and your alarm activated. Do not leave spare keys in the car. Taking these quick and simple steps can help prevent you from being the next victim.