Council Retreat Recap

July 24, 2019

Every year, the City Council meets in a retreat setting to discuss current and emerging issues and confirm its Priority Projects to support the City's Mission Statements, address Council Core Values, and implement Key Issues (our guiding principles) for the upcoming Fiscal Year. The retreat provides the Council the opportunity to share information, receive updates on priority projects, and obtain previews and timelines for matters which will be addressed this fiscal year.

“The City Council retreat helps us to discuss issues of importance before the City, identify priorities and resources, and seek alignment on next steps,” Mayor Jim Wickham said.

This year the Council met on July 22, 2019 and received an update on a number of important topics, including business vitality initiatives, employee engagement, and projects, tasks and policies previously identified by the City Council and presently underway or scheduled for the current fiscal year.

Councilmembers reviewed an update on the Council’s 2018-2020 Priority Projects, which focuses on a broad range of topics, including fire safety, preparedness and prevention, traffic congestion reduction efforts, infrastructure repair and replacement, housing and land-use efforts, community engagement, financial matters, and golf course operations.

Council received a presentation from newly-hired Police Chief Alan Piombo on initial observations and vision for the department, and new programs and initiatives he is implementing. Council also received a presentation from Fire Chief Tom Welch on the functions and procedures of the Emergency Operations Center and the roles elected officials play in emergency operations and emergency event communication.

Councilmembers indicated their intention to hold another, more formal budget-oriented strategic planning retreat in the fall of 2019.

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