First Wednesday: The Blithedale Hotel with Tim Woods

Wednesday, November 6th | 7:00pm

In 1873, Dr. John Cushing, a physician from San Francisco, who was “done to death” with his hectic medical practice, moved with his family onto a homestead at the foot of Mount Tamalpais. He founded Blithedale, a rural resort where he and guests could relax and restore health in a stunning outdoor setting.

Over the next four decades, what would become known as The Blithedale Hotel flourished. It attracted fashionable summer guests from around the Bay Area and became one of the most popular resort hotels in Northern Ca. Join Cushing descendent Tim Wood as he tells the story of the Blithedale Hotel and the family whose members played important roles in shaping Marin’s rich heritage.

Tim Wood was born in San Francisco to a family with deep Marin roots. He is the great-great grandson of Oscar Eldridge (promoter of the Eldridge Grade) on his father’s side and of Dr. John Cushing (founder of The Blithedale Hotel) on his mother’s. Sidney Cushing, founding president of the Mountain Railroad, was his great grandfather. Wood compiled years of research about his family before writing his book Blithedale: The Cushings’ Place in Marin.

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