Special Safety Message – Downtown Project – Stay out of the Construction Zone

It is illegal to enter an area that is under construction and marked with cones or barricades.

We have received reports of some dangerous behavior around the Downtown Project and want to remind residents of the importance, for your safety and the safety of the workers, that you do not enter the Downtown Project construction zone.


  • Do not walk through construction zones - ever!!
  • Follow all temporary pedestrian walkways for safe, accessible routes.
  • Watch for any advance warnings about traffic control devices necessary to guide or direct the safest route. Transition signing may be placed in areas you do not normally see it.
  • Always follow the detoured pathway if the original is restricted or diverted, or just looks unsafe.


  • Do not use the piles of gravel for jumps and do not jump the open trenches.
  • Wear a bike helmet and protective gear.
  • Obey work zone signs, detour signals, and road closed markings, just like a car.
  • Look ahead for hazards or situations to avoid that may cause you to fall like temporary signage placed in the road.
  • Do not ride in-between construction barricades, signage or equipment.

Motor Vehicles:

  • Pay attention – Construction zone configurations can change without notice.
  • Don’t text or talk on the phone and avoid taking your hands off the wheel.
  • Watch for speed limit reductions, narrowing lanes, changing traffic patterns, and road workers.
  • Pay attention to the construction and detour signage.
  • If you are near moving construction equipment please stop and wait until you have made eye contact with the operator before proceeding.

 Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation - Stay safe!