Gun Buyback Program

The Gun Buyback Program was put on by the Marin County District Attorney’s Office and involved the use of local law enforcement facilities that served as collection sites. The Mill Valley Police Department was selected as one of the drop-off centers for Marin, providing a location for citizens to turn in firearms and other weapons.

The program, initiated by District Attorney Ed Berberian, aimed to get unwanted firearms off the streets. The event was entirely voluntary and gave citizens the option of disposing unwanted or unused firearms.

Each year cities in Marin, including Mill Valley, see cases in which firearms are the targets of thefts during home burglaries. Events like the Buyback can help prevent such situations from occurring. Additionally, the program assists citizens with getting rid of firearms that are old or are no longer wanted. In some situations, individuals inherit firearms but are unsure of how to dispose of them. The Buyback provides them with the means of removing the guns from their homes. Furthermore, the program aims to remove dangerous firearms from our community. The program was specifically designed as a “no questions asked” program, meaning people can turn in illegal weapons without fear of repercussions.

A total of 105 firearms were turned in at the Mill Valley Gun Buyback location. Of those, 85 came from residents of Marin, while the remaining 20 came from residents of San Francisco. The firearms received included 32 revolvers, 27 semi-automatic handguns, 11 semi-automatic rifles, 21 rifles, and 14 shotguns. Among them were two illegal assault rifles and one other illegal firearm.

View the attached photos to see examples of some of the firearms that were turned in to the Mill Valley Police Department at the Gun Buyback on Tuesday, including several items that are currently illegal to possess in California.

Thank you to Tiburon, Sausalito, and Belvedere Police Departments for their collaboration and assistance at the event.