Miller Avenue Parking Update - May 4, 2016

Posted Date: 5/4/2016

Afteryears of planning, budgeting and engineering, the City of Mill Valleyis planning to break ground on the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project inJune 2016. The City recognizes that construction is challenging and maypresent issues for daily business and commuting. The Miller AvenueStreetscape Plan includes new parking regulations to help make betteruse of existing parking stalls. The regulations will help create “turnover” of existing parking spots to allow for customer access to localbusinesses.

For that reason, we ask that everyone pitch in tokeep a sharp eye on parking time limits. We will be increasing parkingpatrols and enforcement along the corridor in advance of construction.The additional parking patrols are part of the overall parking andconstruction management plans to create greater turnover and efficiencyof parking, particularly in the commercial areas of Miller Avenue.

Ifyou regularly park in the Miller Avenue Public Parking Lot across thestreet from Whole Foods, please note that the City will establish a4-hour parking limit in this lot for greater turnover and efficiency ofparking in this centralized, high-demand area. There is still parkingwith no time restrictions available along the Miller Avenue corridor forcommuters, employees and other users.

You will have time to getinto these new habits - parking enforcement officers will issuecourtesy warnings the month of May, and will then begin citing vehiclesin June.

Are you a Business Owner? Please help in this effort by:
  • Encourage employees and customers to use your private parking lots.
  • Encourage and offer incentives for employees to carpool or use alternative transportation.
  • Sign up for the City’s Miller Ave eNewsletter and MVConnect to stay up to date on the construction project as it progresses.

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