Mail Theft

Mill Valley residents are currently experiencing repeated mail thefts throughout their neighborhoods. Thieves are looking for credit card numbers, gift cards, checks, bank account statements- anything regarding personal identity and financial gain. Mail theft poses a great threat because it is serves as one of the main means for identity theft. The Mill Valley Police Department would like to encourage residents to be vigilant about reporting any suspicious activity to law enforcement and would like to remind community members how to better protect themselves against mail theft (see below).

Protect Yourself Against Mail Theft

  • Pick up your mail every day. If you plan on being away, arrange for your mail to be picked up by someone you trust or have it held at the Post Office.
  • Never place outgoing mail in your home mail box. Place mail into blue postal boxes or drop it off at the Post Office. Outgoing checks can be washed and used to clear out your bank account. Other mail could be used to steal your personal information.
  • Opt-out of pre-paid credit card offers and courtesy checks offered by your credit card companies.
  • Ask your bank to deliver new checks to your local branch office instead of sending them through the mail.
  • If you plan to go out of town, request extra patrols by adding your home to the Vacation Watch List (contact the Police Department for further information).
  • Start a Neighborhood Watch.
  • Plan a meeting for your community (and invite members of the Mill Valley Police Department to attend).
  • Invest in a locking mailbox or use a PO box.
  • Install a security camera in your area.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Mill Valley Police Department.

If You Have Been a Victim

  • Report the theft to the Police Department and to the Post Office.
  • Contact your financial institutions.
  • Request a copy of your credit report.

The Mill Valley Police Department is collaborating closely with the Mill Valley Post Office to combat this problem. Effective solutions will require input form the entire community. You know your neighborhood best and know if something looks suspicious. If you see something, say something! The Mill Valley Police Department relies on your knowledge. Please report any suspicious activity as soon as possible so that law enforcement can investigate the situation promptly. If you notice trends regarding when mail theft occurs in your area, like time of day or day of the week, let the Police Department know. Through our combined efforts and mutual support, we can create successful resolutions to this problem.

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