Annual Council Mayoral Transition

At their meeting on Monday night, the City Council thanked Councilmember John McCauley for his year of service as Mayor and elected Councilmembers Jessica Sloan as Mayor and Stephanie Moulton-Peters as Vice Mayor for 2017.

Councilmember McCauley stated that he was proud of a number of accomplishments achieved during 2016, which included actions and focus to improve traffic conditions, commencing a comprehensive assessment and improvement plan for our Drainage and Flood Control Master Plan, sustained emphasis and real progress regarding pavement improvement, passage of the Municipal Service Tax, very fruitful discussions and coordination with the Planning Commission, and advancement of development policies which will protect the town's character.

Newly elected Mayor Sloan shared that she was very appreciative to live in Mill Valley, and that one of her prime areas of focus is to address the need for affordable housing in Mill Valley.

We look forward to a busy 2017!