Door-to-Door Solicitation Scams

The Mill Valley Police Department has received reports of various door-to-door scams recently. All solicitors are required to have a permit from the City of Mill Valley. Verify that the solicitor has a permit, then make sure the company is legitimate before donating any money.

In particular, the Police Department has received reports regarding door-to-door magazine sales. People have reported never receiving their orders and being unable to cancel their subscriptions. Learn about a scam that has been reported in Mill Valley. 

Red Flags

Often, scammers claim that they are raising money for a charity or school. They might manipulate you into emphathizing with their situation. Because you think the money is going to a good cause, you agree to a subscription. However, the magazine fails to arrive, or the charge is more than you thought, or you are enrolled in a monthly program that is difficult to cancel instead of an annual subscription rate. Once purchased, it can be very challenging to get your money back.


  • Don't fall for high-pressure sales tactics 
  • Ask to see the terms and conditions
  • Ask to see the solicitor's permit
  • Contact the magazine publisher
  • Look up reviews of the solicitor's company