Council Retreat Recap

Every year, the City Council meets in a retreat setting to discuss current and emerging issues and confirm its Priority Projects to support the City's Mission Statements, address Council Core Values, and implement Key Issues (our guiding principles) for the upcoming Fiscal Year. These projects are subsequently included the budget discussions for the two-year General Fund budget and are reflected in the funding decisions for the current fiscal year. 

This year the Council met on January 9, 2017 and conducted a productive session in which they reviewed and confirmed the guiding principles and received an update on workforce/affordable housing, and agreed to adjust the existing 5-year CIP schedule to better reflect the timing of completing important projects in the City.

Councilmembers agreed to a robust list of Priority Projects that focused on a broad range of topics.

These Priority Projects include the continued implementation of recommendations from the Traffic and Congestion Reduction Task Force, including the School Bus Program and Blithedale Avenue/Highway 101 interchange corridor improvement technical studies. They prioritized the development and implementation of a pedestrian connectivity program including sidewalk repair and Steps, Lanes and Paths improvement. The Mayor and Councilmembers also agreed to consider the adoption of a five-year Pavement Management Program, and to substantially complete construction and dedicate the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project.

Councilmembers indicated their intention to bring choices to the community with regard to flood control strategies, costs and funding options in conjunction with the development of a Mill Valley Flood Control Master Plan, as well as to make efforts to reduce inflow and infiltration to the wastewater collection system.

Councilmembers also affirmed their support of the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (SASM) as it makes progress towards its Wastewater Treatment Plant Reconstruction. The City will support SASM’s work to complete the construction plans, solicit construction bids, initiate construction and manage the project.

Councilmembers listed as a priority revisiting and revising the adopted 5-year Capital Improvement Program to align project demands with available staff resources and process timing. They also indicated an interest in completing established Capital Improvement Projects in 2017, such as the Downtown Plaza Restroom, the Sycamore Park Restroom, the Boat dock, and the Gardner Steps SLP reconstruction.

Councilmembers identified the need to develop an action plan to promote workforce housing and a strategy to protect existing housing stock. Councilmembers highlighted the need to adopt an ADA Transition Plan. Councilmembers also highlighted the importance of conducting public hearings, and then adopting the 2018-2020 General Fund Budget and CIP.

“The City Council’s annual strategic planning retreat helps us to review and highlight the important issues before us,” Mayor Jessica Sloan said. “It is an important time for us to seek alignment on the policy direction we will give the City Manager and the City’s Boards, Commissions, and Committees for the upcoming year.”

The Council also agreed to emphasize clear communication and responsiveness, and agreed to conducting a mid-year City Council retreat to revisit and review progress on projects and decisions.

A summary of the strategic planning meeting and the outcomes were presented to the Council at their February 6 meeting. Click here to download the Staff Report and Priority Projects list.