Bicycle Safety

The Mill Valley Police Department wants to reiterate the importance of bicycle safety out on our roads. Drivers and bicyclists should work together to keep everybody on the road safe and free of accidents. Safety is our number one priority on the roadway.


 Here are some key actions bicyclists need to avoid while cycling around the city:


  1. Running red lights and stop signs
  2. Wrong-way riding
  3. Lack of lighting equipment/reflectors at night
  4. Riding on sidewalks
  5. Riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  6. Failing to yield to pedestrians, and/or failing to give audible warning when passing pedestrians


Here are some great tips on how to remain safe while cycling


Here are key actions drivers need to avoid while driving around bicyclists:


  1. Not looking for cyclists when turning or merging
  2. Dooring (striking or nearly making contact with a passing bicycle by abruptly opening a car door)
  3. Passing bicyclists too closely
  4. Harassing cyclists (e.g., throwing objects at bicyclists, shouting with the intent of startling a rider, or passing closely on purpose)


If you haven’t registered your bicycles yet through our bicycle registration program we highly encourage that you do. You can follow this link to get complete this simple form that could be very beneficial in the future.


Please contact Community Services Officer Chris DeLaTorre for any additional questions or concerns related to this matter.