Coexisting with Coyotes

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Mill Valley Public Library
Creekside Room - 

The City of Mill Valley has had an uptick in coyote activity lately. Coyote activity can be seasonal and though the City of Mill Valley does not deal directly with wildlife we contract with the Marin Humane Society to handle wildlife issues in the City.

Please join us for an educational forum about coexisting with coyotes, highlighting the partnership between Project Coyote, Marin Humane, and Marin County Parks. These agencies came together and created the Marin Coyote Coalition to help coordinate the ways in which all of our local agencies respond to concerns about coyotes. One of the most important elements of this coalition has been educating residents about properly coexisting with coyotes.

The presentation will not include how to dismantle dens, but will address where coyotes prefer to set their dens up. Presenters will focus on coyote biology, hazing, avoiding conflicts and ways to get neighbors to work together.

For more information please contact Captain Cindy Machado, Marin Humane at (415) 506-6209

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