Parking Citations

Paying a Citation

You are able to pay a citation by mail, telephone, or online.   

By Mail

Marin Parking Authority

Citation Processing Center

PO Box 10479

Newport Beach, CA 92658

Please do not mail cash. All checks should be made out to the Marin Parking Authority for the amount owed.


By Telephone

(800) 989-2058

Contesting a Citation

If you would like to contest your citation you may do so within 21 days of issuance by requesting an Administrative Review. You may request an Administrative Review of the citation by filing a written request online at, or by mail to the Marin Parking Authority at the address shown above. You must provide the reason you feel the citation was issued in error and include copies of all applicable documentation relating to your appeal. Documents submitted will not be returned to the sender. Provide your complete mailing address as you will be notified of the result of your administrative review.

Correcting a Citation

In certain cases, citations are correctable, but you must provide proof that you have corrected the violation. You also must obtain an officer's signature attesting to the fact that you have corrected the violation. You may come to the Mill Valley Police Department during office hours to obtain an officer's signature. Once a police officer signs off your citation please mail in the signed copy with a check for $10 made out to the Marin Parking Authority to the address listed above. The validation and $10 must be received within 21 calendar days of issuance. Do not mail in the $10 payment without the validation of the citation.

Example: License Plate and Registration Tab Violations (Section 5200-5204 or 4000(a) of the California Vehicle Code) require evidence of the violation correction and vehicle inspection before the penalty can be reduced. 

Failure to Pay

Failure to pay the penalty or contest a citation within 21 calendar days of issuance may cause the penalty to increase and may cause the Department of Motor Vehicles to refuse registration of the vehicle until the penalty is paid.