Residential Parking Permit

There are several areas in downtown Mill Valley which have been designated by the City Council as “Residential Parking Zones.” In these zones, residents may park all day without restrictions with the Residential Parking Permit affixed to their vehicle. All other vehicles are limited to four hours of parking.

Eligible Zones

Residential Parking Permits may only be obtained by residents who live in the following specified residential parking areas:

Forrest Street: Between East Blithedale and Presidio
Hill Street and Sunnyside Avenue: Between East Blithedale and Buena Vista (up to 86/87 Sunnyside and Hill)
West Blithedale: Between Buena Vista and Gardner
Throckmorton Avenue: Between 204 and 254 Throckmorton
Lovell Avenue: Between Corte Madera and Olive
Bayview Avenue: All
Bernard Street: Between Lovell and Bayview
Miller Avenue: Between 42-46 Miller (in the Vogue Turnout; only 3 spaces)


Obtaining a Permit

Permits are $20.00 per vehicle and are valid from February 1 through January 31 of the following year.

After August 1, the permits will be prorated to $10.00. Acceptable methods of payment are cash or check payable to the “City of Mill Valley.”

To obtain a permit, please complete the Residential Parking Permit Application and submit it to the Police Department along with current California registration and proof of residency. Acceptable forms of proof of residency include valid driver’s license with accepted address, utility bill, lease or mortgage statement. All documents must show a current eligible address.

After they are processed, the permits will be mailed to your address or you can appear in person at the Mill Valley Police Department (415-389-4100) Monday – Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm and Friday – 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Note: Permits will not be effective until affixed to the left rear bumper of your vehicle.