City Attorney

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council to provide legal guidance concerning city operations and represent the City in matters of litigation.

Public inquiries for the City Attorney should be referred through the City Manager.

Inder Khalsa Background & Experience

Inder Khalsa, a member of the firm of Richards, Watson and Gershon in San Francisco, works under contract with the city and reviews various matters referred to him by the City Manager. Richards, Watson and Gershon, specializing in municipal law since 1954, has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County, offering a wide range of legal services.

City Attorney Khalsa has been advising on administrative and transactional public law matters with the firm for 16 years, with a particular focus on land use, planning, zoning, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), clean energy, affordable housing, and real estate matters. She also has expertise in creation and operations of Joint Powers Authorities. She counsels local government agencies on all aspects of municipal governance, including the interpretation, application of, and compliance with the Brown Act, Public Records Act, Political Reform Act, and other conflict of interest and ethics laws.

Inder Khalsa serves as City Attorney to the City of Davis, the City of Mill Valley, and the City of Fairfield. She is the General Counsel to the San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission and the East Bay Community Energy Authority and Special Counsel to the County of Santa Clara. Inder Khalsa has represented a number of other cities, including Vallejo and East Palo Alto, as Special Counsel.