Neighborhood Chats

A New Chapter in Mill Valley Community Engagement

Small Neighborhood chatsThe City of Mill Valley is happy to unveil its latest community engagement initiative – Neighborhood Chats. This program is designed to serve as a dynamic listening tour, providing an invaluable platform for residents to engage directly with City Staff and Councilmembers within the familiarity of their immediate home community.

Neighborhood Chats represent more than just a platform for residents to voice their concerns and needs in their own neighborhood; they are a unique opportunity for City Staff and Councilmembers to disseminate information about ongoing city projects and upcoming initiatives. We hope these exchanges cultivate a spirit of collaboration and transparency, strengthening the bond between the community and City Hall. With no predefined agenda, our aim is to foster a free-flowing conversation that encourages open dialogue and meaningful connections.

Structure of Neighborhood Chats

What sets these informal Chats apart is their adaptability. Whether hosted in cozy living rooms, spacious backyards, or as the prelude to a lively block party, the beauty lies in their flexibility. Anticipating a variety of sizes, from intimate gatherings of 12-15 neighbors to more bustling crowds of 40 and beyond, Neighborhood Chats are intentionally designed to mold themselves around each neighborhood's distinctive character and needs.

In essence, Neighborhood Chats embody the belief that community engagement should be as varied and distinctive as the unique characteristics found within our neighborhoods. We warmly invite you to join your neighbors, the City Manager, and a Councilmember in these enriching conversations. Together, let's collectively shape the narrative of what's unfolding in your immediate community through the unique lens of Neighborhood Chats. Your voice, your neighborhood, your City, your story – join us in making it heard.

Learn More about Neighborhood Chats in Mill Valley

Need more information about Neighborhood Chats? Want to host one in your neighborhood? 

Please reach out to Michelle Terrell, the City’s Community Engagement Liaison at