Firearm Safety Kits

To help ensure safe firearm storage, the Department provides free locks. Just stop by our front lobby to receive your locks.

Firearm Safety Information

The following information may be helpful for citizens and Mill Valley residents looking to learn more about firearms safety as well as programs and laws related to firearms:

Gun Violence Restraining Orders

A Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO) is an order that allows law enforcement agents to take firearms and ammunition from persons who are a danger to themselves and/or others. GVROs require a person to relinquish all firearms and/or ammunition immediately.

There are three types of GVROs:

  • Temporary Emergency Order is for an immediate threat and is only issued by Law Enforcement
  • Temporary Ex-Parte is a formal application made in court by Law Enforcement or by Family or Housemates
  • Order after Notice/Hearing is a one year order after a full hearing

More information may be found on the California Judicial Branch's Self-Help Center page on Gun Violence Restraining Orders.

Project ChildSafe

  • In partnership with Project ChildSafe the Mill Valley Police Department is offering free gun safety locks so you can securely store your firearms
  • Project ChildSafe is a program developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and has distributed millions of firearm safety kits throughout the country
  • The program is funded by a U.S. Department of Justice grant, with additional funding provided by the firearms industry
  • Millions of Americans own firearms and more people are choosing to become gun owners every day
  • California is one of several states that requires every gun owner to safely store their firearms and the owner is criminally liable if they store a loaded gun where a child is likely to gain access to it
  • All firearms in the home should be unloaded and locked with ammunition stored and locked up separately
  • Make sure children and teens cannot access the keys or combination to lock boxes or gun safes
  • Do not keep loaded, unlocked guns in your vehicle
  • Keeping a firearm in an unsecured manner where children may have access to it is a crime per California Penal Code Section 25110
  • These free gun safety kits are available from the Mill Valley Police Department:
    • Each kit contains safety information and a cable-style gun lock
    • The lock fits most types of handguns, rifles and shotguns
    • The goal is to prevent a child or other unauthorized persons from accessing a firearm in your home

Free Gun Locks

  • If you are in need of gun locks you may pick up a free gun lock from the Mill Valley Police Department
  • For more information contact Detective Sergeant Ryan Smith by email at

Surrender Your Firearms

If you want to safely dispose of unwanted firearms and you live within Mill Valley City Limits you may surrender your firearms to the Mill Valley Police Department. Appointments are required, please call 415-389-4100 to set up an appointment with an officer to meet you at the location of the firearm(s).

Safety Precautions

  • Do not bring the firearm(s) to the police department, call to make an appointment first
  • An officer will meet you at the location of the firearm(s) once you've made an appointment
  • Have the firearm(s) unloaded and separated from any ammunition

Firearms Laws

The California Department of Justice's Attorney General's Office and the Bureau of Firearms page have more information on firearm safety, California firearm laws, and a helpful list of frequently asked questions.