Housing Summit

  1. Housing Summit (November 2017)
  2. Progress to Date
  3. Panel
  4. Protect & Enhance Existing Affordable Units
  5. Acquire & Convert Units to Affordable Units
  6. Create & Build New Affordable Units
  7. The Road Ahead
  8. Community Sentiment

Should your favorite grocery clerks at Mill Valley Market be able to live in our community if they want to? How about our firefighters, teachers, and police officers? And if the answer's yes, how do we go about making that happen?

View the PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) from the meeting.

Having that conversation, and identifying short-, medium- and long-term strategies to make sure that those vital contributors to our community can live here, was the driving goal behind the City of Mill Valley's inaugural Housing Summit on November 30. The lively event was a natural next step on a path that the City has been on since 2013 when the Mill Valley City Council approved its MV2040 General Plan and Housing Element (PDF) two years later.

"When I took office four years ago, I only had one priority and that was to address affordable housing in our community," then-Mayor Jessica Sloan told the packed house at the Community Center at the outset of the event. "Affordable housing is an issue here in Marin and across the entire state. It doesn't just affect those who are struggling to afford to live in this county. It affects all of us: business owners struggling to hire, public safety officials whose personnel don't live in our community, teachers who wish they could live here so they don't have to race home every day at 3 pm to pick up their own kids."