Code Enforcement Division


The City of Mill Valley Code Enforcement Division is the enforcement arm of the Planning and Building Department. Our mission is to improve and maintain the quality of life and protect the health and safety of our residents. The Code Enforcement Division works with the other city departments as well as the City Attorney, to investigate and enforce violations of city and state code, as they relate to zoning, building and property maintenance.

For violations of the Noise Ordinance, which includes afterhours construction, gas powered leaf blowers, and barking dogs please contact the Mill Valley Police Department

For concerns/complaints regarding public (City) property, please contact the Department of Public Works (DPW).

Reporting a Violation 

Before reporting a code violation, please verify that the location of the violation is within city limits. To verify, search the address using MarinMap online.

Complaints can be filed in one of two ways:

Downloaded forms can be dropped off at City Hall or emailed to

Completed Complaint Forms must be submitted and received by Code Enforcement Staff. Complaints received by email, voicemail, or other means will not be investigated.

For a complaint to be investigated, the following information is required:

  • Description of a potential violation
  • Location of potential violation (private property only)
  • Property owner name and phone number (if known)
  • Your name, phone number, address, and email address

When you report a code violation, you may not do so anonymously. However, your information will remain confidential (absent a court subpoena). Anonymous and/or incomplete complaint forms will not be investigated.

Complaints are investigated in the order received. Please allow 7 to 14 days for an initial inspection to be conducted. Potential life-safety violations take priority and are investigated before all others.

Complaint for Disabled Access Investigation

The purpose of this procedure is to provide individuals with a convenient method to report disability access law violations in Mill Valley and to establish a process for resolving as promptly as possible alleged violations of state disabled access regulations in either buildings owned or leased by the City of Mill Valley or that are constructed or altered with city funds, or privately owned public accommodations that are not publicly funded.

To submit a complaint related to Disability Access:

Additional Contact Information

If you need assistance after hours or on weekends, please contact the Mill Valley Police Department Dispatch at 415-446-4526. If the complaint can wait until our return, please fill out the complaint form and submit it by mail, email, or fax.