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Bayfront Community Gardens

Mission Statement

The Mill Valley Community Gardens provide space for Mill Valley citizens to garden together - to create a shared vision, to work collaboratively, and to cultivate a place for individuals, families, and friends to learn about and experience the rewards of gardening.

The Gardens

The Gardens, like any other project, just did not happen. It took some perseverance by a group of individuals and of course, it took resources. The community truly contributed to make these gardens sprout.

When considering recreational activities, you may think of sports fields or playgrounds with hundreds of kids and families using them on a daily basis.

In the City of Mill Valley, we offer an ongoing opportunity for activity and engagement with the natural world of Community Gardening. Our two beautiful independently sited gardens - the Mill Valley Community Garden and the Bayfront Community Garden - provide 70 individuals with assigned plots for means to grow vegetables and ornamental plants, and to beneficially impact the community through their efforts.

Gardeners of all abilities and their families follow organic practices and collectively maintain the garden. Collaboration, education, and social activities are hallmarks of the community gardening experience. Through good organic gardening practices, healthy food is regularly harvested, and shared throughout the community, contributing to programs such as Community Action Marin as well as St. Vincent DePaul.

The community gardens provide a peaceful setting for informal recreation. It's a place for people to gather, share ideas with their neighbors, help one another, and advise and assist in a variety of ways that reach beyond the activity of gardening. The Community Garden and the Bayfront Garden are a friendly and open community with a passionate group of residents that continue to widen and expand as time passes.

Interested in Being a Part of the Community Gardens?

If you are a citizen of the City of Mill Valley or Greater Mill Valley and would like to be placed on our waitlist, please complete the online form on the right side of this page or send an email with your name, phone number, home address, and email to

Garden Contributions to Community Action Marin - 2020

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Major kudos to our Mill Valley Community Center Garden on its incredible produce contributions to Community Action Marin this past summer! The Community Center Garden has consistently supplied over 100 pounds of produce a week throughout the summer gardening season and is on track to continue with this high volume going into the fall. We are beyond proud of the entire group of gardeners in the Community Center garden for their outstanding contributions and wish to thank them for this level of service in what has been a very challenging year for all of us.

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