Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

Drop-In Tennis Play

Sunrise - 10pm | 7 Days a Week

Drop-in tennis play is available on a first-come first-served basis daily from sunrise to 10pm 7 days a week, and is subject to availability. Currently, drop-in play is free, as our Tennis Pass system is currently unavailable.

Drop-in availability and current pass / fee requirements subject to change.

Adult Tennis Programs & Instruction

Registration for our Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Tennis instruction programs, as well as pickleball and round robin doubles play, is available at

With our Adult Tennis Instruction programs, you will develop fundamental skills through fun, active tennis drills. Drill difficulty based on instruction level.

For additional information please call the Pro Shop at 388-6523 or visit

For questions about Tennis Court or Park maintenance, or renovation, please email us at

Boyle Park Tennis Court Rules

  • If courts are full, singles players may play for one hour and doubles players may play for an hour and a half before relinquishing to waiting players. 
  • Placing your name on the chalkboard at the Pro Shop saves your place in the queue. 
  • 3 Ball Rule: you can only use 3 balls on the lower courts unless adjacent court is free. 
  • No bicycles, skateboards or scooters are allowed on the courts. 
  • The top two courts are prioritized as teaching courts. 
  • All players must be present to claim a court. 

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