Mission Statement, Core Values, Priority Projects

City of Mill Valley and Mill Valley City Council Mission StatementsMill Valley Logo

The mission of the City of Mill Valley is to provide a full range of municipal services to residents and businesses in accordance with the general plan and City Council policy and direction. City staff shall deliver those services in an efficient, effective and courteous manner with a commitment to operational excellence.

The mission of the Mill Valley City Council is to serve faithfully the residents and businesses of Mill Valley and nurture the City’s overall quality of life. The Council does this by setting policy for the City and direction for Mill Valley’s City Manager and its Boards and Commissions, at all times guided by values core to Mill Valley’s heritage.

Core Values

  • The health and safety of residents.
  • Preservation of a vibrant community that respects Mill Valley’s small town character.
  • Prudent fiscal policies and practices.
  • Preservation of the community’s high quality of life
  • A healthy natural environment with emphasis on conservation, open space, climate protection and sustainability.
  • A balanced, inclusive, and open approach to policy-making and city leadership.
  • Citizen participation that promotes open communication, mutual respect, and the development of community leaders.
  • Economic vitality with an emphasis on small and local serving businesses.
  • Operational excellence.

Key Issues

  • Emergency preparedness with a focus on fire, flood and earthquake.
  • Environmental conservation and sustainability, with a focus on climate protection.
  • Land use and housing – residential and commercial development with emphasis on affordable housing for workforce, elderly, and low-income residents at a scale and density consistent with Mill Valley's character.
  • Traffic mitigation, multimodal transportation and parking.
  • Infrastructure maintenance and enhancement.
  • Attraction and retention of local serving businesses.
  • Budget management and mitigating fiscal impacts of the state and local economy.
  • Effective two way communication between City staff/Council and the community. Excellence in customer service.
  • Cultivation of community leadership and citizen participation on government commissions, boards and committees.

Mill Valley City Council 2021/22 Priority Projects:

Council held a Special Meeting on May 18, 2021 to review and confirm the City's guiding principles, the status of established priority projects, and to identify areas of interest for continued focus and new topics or initiatives for future action. Council agreed on a set of priorities for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2021/2022.

View the Staff Report "Confirmation of the Outcomes of the 2022 City Council Annual Retreat" from June 6, 2022

Prioritv Proiects for FY21/22 and Prior Ongoing and In Progress

  • Transparency & DEI Reports
  • Evacuation Planning: Traffic Modeling
  • Objective Design Review 
  • East Blithedale Rehabilitation Project 
  • Commission Updates & Eligibility Revisions 
  • Fire Shared Services Recommendations 
  • LRAD Improvements' 
  • Depot Plaza Wi-Fi Extension 
  • City-Financed Affordable Housing
  • Housing Element Update
  • Downtown Project 
  • Long-Range Financial Plan Phase 2 
  • Climate Action Plan Update
  • Tear-Down & Soft-Story
  • Parking Program & ALPR 

Council Priority Projects List FY 22/23

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Community Satisfaction Survey
  • Project Reports Accessibility
  • Fire Code Update
  •  Sustainability Measures
  • Demolition and Lot Consolidation Regulations
  • Cordico Mobile Wellness Application
  • Veritone Redaction Software 
  • Road Closure Enforcement/Penalties
  • Maintain/Enhance Public Right of Way
  • Bike Parking Program Review
  • Art in Unexpected Places
  • Arts Commission Fundraiser
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