Encroachment on Steps, Lanes and Paths - Reporting

We welcome the community’s assistance in protecting Steps, Lanes, and Paths (SLPs) and reporting encroachments so we can act on them. Complaints about SLP encroachments may be made anonymously.

At their City Council meeting on January 17, 2017 the Council reviewed and restated its support of the City’s Steps, Lanes and Paths (SLPs) program and approved the recommended actions to strengthen it, including:

  1. Adopting a resolution reaffirming the City’s commitment to SLPs and the adoption of an SLP map.
  2. Updating and expanding the City data base on SLPs.
  3. Creating new enforcement protocol.
  4. Implementing a page on the City website for community recommendations for SLP maintenance.
  5. Looking for increased SLP funding.
  6. Reconvening the internal SLP team.
  7. Preparing an annual SLP report for Council review.
  8. Working with the community on SLP volunteer opportunities.
  9. Proceeding with diligence on approved Capital Improvement Projects to maintain and improve existing SLP network.

In addition to code enforcement efforts, the City has reconstituted its SLP team, a group of City staff that includes members of the Public Works, Parks, Recreation, Planning and Fire departments. The team gathers regularly to look at the overall function of the SLP program and examine what we’ve been doing and put teeth into the enforcement behind our efforts.

“The Council and staff are committed to preserve and protect the SLPs, both developed and

undeveloped, and we are committed to vigorously enforcing the public’s rights to access,” Mayor Jessica Sloan said. The City Council recently approved a new Priority Project list for 2017-2018, which included the development and implementation of a pedestrian connectivity program including sidewalk repair and Steps, Lanes and Paths improvement.